WiP: Color Block Bias Wrap

Color Block Bias Wrap close up

Right now I’m between projects. I don’t have yarn ready for anything new so I’ve grabbed this project from the napping pile to work on today.

I originally started the Color Block Bias Wrap on New Year’s Eve. I purchased the pattern and the yarn after a trip to one of the local yarn stores. They had a sample knit up and it felt like holding a cloud. The yarn, Classic Elite Yarns Mountain Top Chalet, is alpaca and bamboo. A chainette yarn (something new for me), this yarn is soft and very airy. The pattern is a simple three-color, bias knit pattern. I was drawn in like I have never been before. I NEVER purchase the yarn suggested for a pattern. Based on the sample, this time I did.

I don’t love this project. First, I hate purling. Second, on the size US 13 needles, it seems too loose and I just can’t seem to maintain my tension. I’ve already modified the pattern. The pattern calls for the first stitch to be slipped. I did not like the way it was turning out (sloppy and loose) so pulled it out and started over knitting/purling the first stitch. I have never had problem with the tension of my first stitch this way and I think it looks very nice as is.

I don’t know that this will ever be a priority project (though it should be based on how much this yarn cost!). But today I’m knitting it.


Color Block Bias Wrap Full

What are you working on today? Let me know in the comments.

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