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I have three projects I’m working on right now: the Color Block Bias Wrap, a pair of simple socks and a shawl. The sock is my carry-with me project and is nothing more simple than a basic toe-up sock for myself. There really isn’t a pattern. This is based on Liat Gat’s suggestion on how to make your own sock pattern. Cast on, toe increase, knit, gusset, heel turn, rest of sock. And since it’s for me, I just keep trying it on until I hit certain milestones (fourth toe, ankle bend, original increase number, desired height).

The yarn isn’t anything special either. It was a “I have a bag of yarn from someone, take what you want for free” find. Simple, sturdy, self-striping sock yarn. I love self-striping yarn. It’s like magic. And I feel like a total boss when I get the stripes to line up (I’m only half a row off in the color changes). This is from the Deborah Norville collection from Premier Yarns. I have two more balls in a different colorway from that find, so another basic pair of basic socks will follow.

What work in progress do you have lying around today? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “WiP: Simple socks”

  1. Too many – again! I promised myself that I would finish a few WIPs before casting on anything new … but started a new pair of socks last night (only 3 pairs on the needles) and I’m steadfastly ignoring the other projects that are lurking on shelves until I’m in the mood to pick them up again! xx

    1. I try very hard to keep it to three active projects at a time. That’s as far as my attention can split! That doesn’t mean projects aren’t sent to long-term hibernation. Some most certainly are!

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