WiP Wednesday: Be Simple Variations

I like to keep a simple, easy to transport knitting project with me at all times. Extra points if I can memorize the pattern (spoiler alert: I’m terrible at memorizing). While I won’t hesitate to buy a new skein of yarn when I’m visiting a shop, I like to “shop my own stash” when starting a new project. This past weekend I headed into my plastic bins to pick my next project and finally decided to knit with one of the gems of my stash: Knitwhits Freia Handpainted Ombre.

I have two balls. They were purchased on a birthday-gift shopping trip to local yarn store StevenBe. The two balls were so, so beautiful and called to me from across the room. “Jenni. Jenni. Take us home, please. Make something for yourself.” And they are magic balls. The two balls are wound opposite of each other so I can center pull from each ball in turn and continue the amazing color transition from one color to another and back.

I found this pattern on Pinterest. Be Simple Variations is a simple pattern, easily memorized and is proving to be the perfect show piece for this yarn. Not too fancy so as to hide a beautiful stitch pattern, but a little pattern to keep it interesting and add some depth. I look forward to seeing this complete.

What are you working on today?

*WiP: Work in Progress. See that first picture? The color is so bright that it wants to glow when in direct sunlight.

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