WiP Wednesday: Drop! That! Stitch!


I’m not gonna lie. I feel a little bit like a rule breaker this week. Knit half a shawl and then just start dropping stitches only to watch them unravel all the way down? Why yes, yes I will, thank you.

This week’s  WiP is the crazy-named Clapo-Ktus. No, I have no idea how you would actually say that out loud. Apparently it’s based on two popular patterns and the designer just smushed their names together.

I wanted to use one of the beautiful single skeins of fingering weight yarn I have started collecting to make a gift for a coworker and friend who has a fancy new job. I searched Ravelry for a shawl or scarf that could be knit with the quantity of yarn I have (seriously, allowing searching by yarn and by volume was a genius move, Rav. Thank you!). This pattern intrigued me.

Instead of knitting from the neck down or point up, it’s knit from one side to the other and it’s worked with any quantity of yarn. You weigh all of the yarn before casting on, increase until you have half your weight left and then begin decreasing. Plus I love the airy almost distressed nature of this shawl.

Where my stitches at? Not in this row!

Clapo-Ktus is written clearly, but it takes a little while to get into the groove (basically it’s a k3, p1 pattern). But the real excitement in this project is what happens when you reach the halfway point. When you start decreasing you start dropping. Not every stitch on every row, but one at a time. I’ve done a pattern where you wrap the yarn and then drop it on the next round. This is actually dropping a live stitch and then allowing it to unknit alllllllllll the way down to the three stitch border. This yarn is a little sticky, so I had to actively help the stitches to become not stitches. It is one of the weirdest things I’ve done in my knitting career.

I felt bad.



No, really, there is something fun about actively destroying something I worked hard to create, especially since it will be so pretty at the end. It’s that same thrill that comes from the gentle “pop” that comes with each deconstructed stitch when frogging a bad project to reclaim beautiful yarn. Admit it, you’ve felt that thrill at some point.

Clapo-Ktus is a quick knit. Now that I’m decreasing, I expect it will be even quicker. Hopefully I paid enough attention and made a sturdy border.

The yarn is Alisha Goes Around Wedge of Swans Fingering. I picked it up at Shepherd’s Harvest several years back and it’s just so beautiful (my pictures do it no justice). Also, at 70% superwash Marino and 30% silk, this yarn is crazy soft (my husband may or may not have found me on more than several occasions rubbing the shawl on my face). This is a very energized, twisty yarn so I’ll be interested to see what it does when I block the finished shawl. That’s a post for another day, though.

It’s WiP Wednesday. What are you working on today? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. In over 6 years of knitting I have yet to drop a stitch intentially! It’s sounds pretty scary but does give that lovely airy drapey feel to the fabric, like you said. Lovely colours by the way!

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