WiP Wednesday: Timey Wimey Wolkig

After the never-ending Christmas scarf and the knit and knit-again hat, I wanted a simple project using one of my special yarns (those are the expensive or high-quality skeins all in one box that my family has been given special instructions for upon my death). Based on how this particular project is knitting up, apparently I will be the proud owner of my very own crack in time.

I can’t remember when I downloaded this pattern, but I LOVE all of Martina Behm’s patterns (Strickmich). Her patterns are some of the few that I buy just to have. Her patterns are simple and mostly garter (so little purling) but have some really interesting construction (see: Knitter’s DNA, Baltic Summer and my beloved Hitchhiker). Somehow I came across the free pattern for Wolkig (probably in a deep dive of her patterns on Ravelry). I downloaded it and promptly forgot about it. This week as I was organizing my Evernote folders, I rediscovered this pattern and wanted to give it a shot.

The yarn I grabbed was one I’ve had for some time but just didn’t find the right project for. I had intended it to be socks when I purchased it, but it was just so pretty I didn’t want to put it on my feet. This yarn is a special “Nerd Alert Yarn” from StevenBe called Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.

I thought it might pool or do partial stripes as I knit it into this squishy cowl. Instead, the color is traveling counter-clockwise. As a huge Doctor Who fan, this clearly reminds me of the time crack in the universe during Eleven’s first season. Yeah, super nerdy, but I spent a lot of money on one skein of yarn that is TARDIS blue, so, I’m okay with that.

Also, this pattern is fun to knit, easy to remember and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It’s very light and airy and just interesting enough to keep me occupied while watching TV or talking with friends.

What do you have on your needles today? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to include links to patterns!

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